Training for teams undertaking research and measurement

We provide training on the Environment Rating Scales for teams planning to use them for research and measurement. This includes initial training and rigorous reliability assessment. Please contact us for further details.

Research fieldwork: quality assessments

We have a large fieldwork team trained to complete accurate assessments of the quality of early years practice for research studies. The team are spread across England, allowing travel and accommodation costs to be kept to a minimum.
Recent projects include:

  • Assessments of 120 school Reception classes as part of the EEF-funded URLEY study (Autumn 206 and Autumn 2017) using the ECERS-3, STTEW and ECERS-E
  • Assessments of 96 private and not-for-profit early years settings as part of the EEF-funded Maths Champions study (Summer 2017)

Assessors complete their ratings on tablets, enabling observation data to be accessed quickly and accurately. Please contact us for further details.